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Fence Installation Service

Professional Fence Installers that make the experience smooth from the beginning to the end. Get the backyard or front yard views of your dream!

Types of Wood We Offer

IPE Wood


What is it?

The high density of IPE decking is one reason why IPE decking lasts so long and is so durable. IPE decking is naturally resistant to termites and rot and decay. IPE decking is so dense it has received a Class A fire rating.


- Eco-Friendly

- Extremely durable

- Fungal Resistant

- Moisture Resistant

- Lowest overall life-cycle cost


- Higher upfront cost

What is it?

Installing a cedar fence can boost your property value, depending on where you live. Cedar is considered a luxury that many homebuyers are willing to pay for. It may only be a slight increase in cost for you, but it could create a significant increase in the sale price of your home.



- Environmentally Friendly

- Rot Resistant

- Aesthetic

- Pleasant Odor


- Higher upfront cost

- Easily Scratches

Cedar Wood

Cedar Fence.jpeg

Our Wooden Fence Styles

Wooden Fence Service in Toronto
Horizontal Basket Weave Fence Panel

This style packs a lot of visual impact with the beautiful bowing of the woven wood. The pattern weaving makes for a very sturdy structure that will serve you for over 15-20 years.

Horizontal Fence Panel in Toronto
Top Rail Horizontal Fence Panel

The perfect amalgamation of styling and privacy. This is one of the most popular styles our clients ask for. Because of the style, you fence will be extra sturdy and not prone to gaps.

Top Rail Vertical Fence Panel

For a more polished looking privacy fence, a top rail panel is a great choice. Onlookers and passerby traffic will not be able to see in, and this is a very common choice for many homeowners.

Fence Service in Toronto
Top Rail Shadow Box Fence Panel

Great fit for backyards where the view of fence will bring sense of privacy. This design has a sturdy structure, and will last for over 15 years.

Best Wood Fence Service in Toronto
Shadow Box Fence Panel

This modern looking fence is considered the “good neighbour” fence, as the fence looks great from either side. This fence panel provides an interplay between wood and light in a visually pleasing way. If you enjoy delicate 

Our Process for Fence Installation in Toronto

We consistently take meticulous care of any project size , whether it be big or small. Our success comes from our drive to excel, build lasting relationships, and take pride in each step of our professional service.

1. Reach out to us

Fill up the contact form or call us directly to set up the appointment.

Contact Us
2. Personal Customization

We will listen to your preferences, examine your site, give sample design layouts, go over the wood type preference and much more. This is the fun part!

3. Calculations and Estimation

After all precise measurements and discussion of various options of wood, the estimator does the project calculation and offers the price.

What sets us apart from other contractors?

1. We won't start working until you are absolutely satisfied with the design. If done correctly, wooden fence can bring the privacy and lively-hood of your backyard to the next level.

Custom Fence Design

2. Competitive pricing compared to the competition. Our fencing prices are as competitive as it gets.

Competitive Fence Installation Pricing

3. Preparing an estimate and visiting for free. We will visit your site to measure the area and ask questions about your dream fence design.

4. Warranty on the performed work.

What are you waiting for?

Your dream backyard fence is a click away! Our professionalism and work quality will leave you with a warm happy feeling. 
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