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Residential Snow Removal


As part of our snow removal services, we use snow plows to fully maintain your property throughout the winter. Our process has been carefully designed and improved through years of snow removal. Even the most demanding commercial properties are well within our wheelhouse. We are able to remove snow from plazas, condominiums, property developments, apartment buildings, and townhouse complexes.

Oasis Group Services is a full-service property management company. This means that we are able to not only handle one aspect of the problems that you face in the wintertime such as snow build-up but everything associated with the winter season. Ice building up on your property can be dangerous for employees and customers if you are experiencing problems at your property.

Through our ice management services, we are able to ensure that your property is a safe environment for everyone. We work diligently to prevent dangerous ice conditions, such as black ice and large icicle formations. This is not an easy task, the skilled ice management experts at Oasis Group Services have the ability and experience to make sure that ice build-up is not something you need to be worried about.

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