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What is Driveway Care?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Maintaining healthy and good looking driveway is no easy. Your driveway is constantly subject to the weather conditions throughout the year. During the spring heavy rains and vegetation growth, during the summer UV rays and high temperatures, during the fall rains, and during the winter the snow and snow melters damage your driveway. And we know that driveway maintenance can be expensive if not taken care properly throughout the year. For these very reasons, Ark Services Group is offering year long maintenance of your driveway!

Richmond Hill driveway sealing

Unlike one time sealing by contractors, Ark Services Group is dedicated to maintain your driveway even after the job is done at a tiny monthly payment. We all know that weeds growing on your driveway causes cracks (learn how to remove weeds from your driveway) and leaves an open spot for water penetration. Water is very detrimental to the asphalt as it breaks the bond structure between the small rocks and over time causes different kinds of cracks, such as crocodile, spider and heavy open cracks. The more cracks your driveway has, the more they will grow over time and more costly will it be to repair it. We offer twice a year deep weed cleansing and special crack filling. The issue with unprofessional weed removal is that if the weed is not removed from its root it will grow back with greater force as the base of the asphalt contains water. There are several ways to remove weed. Here at Ark Services, we treat the weeds with special solution. The solution kills the roots and makes sure they don’t grow back or grow less. Afterwards, we fill the crack with the industry grade hot rubber, the same rubber used for provincial highways. This rubber makes nearly impossible for the weed to grow. You can opt out for free for water repellent special sand cement which is also highly effective.

Another big enemy of the driveway is UV rays. If unsealed, the asphalt starts to evaporate it’s core bonder which is oil-based sealer. For this reason, it is generally recommended to seal your driveway every year or every other year. Here at Ark Services we only use high grade oil-based sealer. Unlike water-based sealer, oil-based sealer does not provide ground for spider cracks. If your driveway starts forming surface-level spider net structure cracks, it will get eventually so unmaintainable that you will need to build new driveway which can be very costly.

The next big enemy of your driveway is the salt used in the winter. We know that without using snow-melter salts, the driveway gets slippery and can be extremely dangerous for your health. However, bumps and potholes don't just appear due to regular wear and tear – salt damages asphalt over time by causing corrosion to occur under the surface, leading to discoloured, cracked and crumbling asphalt. Salt also lowers the freezing point of water and increases the pressure of frozen water, thereby intensifying the effect of the freeze-thaw cycle. When ice melts, it carries approximately 5% more water than normal. In lower temperatures, this extra water adds additional ice to the asphalt upon refreezing, which adds hydraulic pressure to the asphalt.

By signing up for Driveway Care Service, you get twice weed removal, crack filling, gap filling at 50% off, as well as cold asphalt job for 50% off. You get this whole service at as little as starting $4.99 per month! We are the first general contractor company in Toronto that offers service of such kind. Dedicated to building customer trust and providing high quality service, Ark Services Group is your one stop for your driveway maintenance.


While single-time driveway sealing sounds easy and quick work, it happens to be less effective compared to continuous driveway care. Compared to one big chunk payment, Ark Services Group offers monthly payments for your driveway. Besides getting your driveway sealed, you would be getting other professional treatment for your driveway for free as part of the driveway care service package. Call us today or book an appointment to get a personalised estimate and treatment for your driveway. We treat each client with utter level of personalisation!

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