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Parking Lot Sealing

Parking Lot is an essential and biggest part of most business properties. It is the first thing a customer notices and acts as a navigation site for both pedestrians and vehicles. A poor looking Parking Lot constitutes to poor business image. Don't scare away your customers! Let us give the shine and care your Parking Lot deserves!

Parking Lot Sealing

Parking Lot is usually the first thing a customer notices when entering the business property. It is important to keep the surface both safe and visually appealing. Due to high vehicle traffic, parking lot asphalt loses its shine and quality quicker compared to Residential Driveway. 

Parking lots are paved with asphalt, and just as residential driveways they need to be taken care of to increase the longevity and the lifespan. It is costly to repave the entire parking lot, and due to a much higher “traffic”, the asphalt is wearing off at much higher rates compared to residential driveways. To slow down that process Ark Services Group experts strongly recommend doing parking lot sealing every 2 to 4 years, depending on the “traffic”. Our team is using the best oil-based sealant to create a protective layer on the parking lot, which will be wearing off instead of the original asphalt. To learn more about Parking Lot sealing, check out our blog post.

Our parking lot sealing Process

Parking Lot Sealing project in Toronto

Before sealing the parking lot, it is being cleaned up from the chipped stones, dust, leaves and weeds, and the dirt. It is a very important step, that not every company is making, which causes poor results, and bad appearance of a sealed parking lot, as well as the major decrease in the longevity of a product. The Ark Services Group team always takes dignity in preparations, for we believe that poorly done preparations lead to poor results and unhappy clients.

 Following the preparations, major cracks are filled with a professional crack filler. When all major cracks have been filled, the parking lot is ready to be sealed. Many sealing companies are “saving” the sealant and apply even less material than onto residential driveways. This is a major mistake, because the wearing off rates of bitumen on parking lots are much and much higher. The sealer is applied in cross hatch pattern allowing for a streak less, uniform coating.

The parking lot is then closed off using caution-tape, keeping foot and vehicle traffic off the surface until the sealant has fully dried.

Parking Lot Sealing Service Areas


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