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Mobile Tire Change Service

Mobile Tire CHange


We Change your Tires At your Place on demand

Why Leave your place when you can get the service at home?

Seniors 10% off


all vehicles

Mobile Tire Change Service

Summer is coming! Remember to change to your snow tires before the weather gets too hot... and why not make this change with maximum comfort? Schedule a mobile tire change at your convenience. We come to you!


We all know how extremely dangerous it is to drive with the wrong tires during Canadian winter. It is strongly advised by the Ministry of Transportation to WEAR WINTER TIRES. Our team recommends to switch your tires anytime in November. Your safety comes first!

Winter Tires change in GTA



Using winter tires in summer can reduce their lifespan by 60%, as opposed to if only used in winter. If winter tires are used properly, they can last for multiple seasons. If you use winter ones in the summer, the soft rubber tread will change shape, which creates more resistance. Acceleration, cornering and braking will all be compromised with higher temperatures and summer roads.


All vehicles -  $79
  • Tire Pressure check

  • Proper lug nut torque

  • Under 30 minutes per car 

How it works?

1. Contact Us

We are glad that you are interested in the convenient winter-spring tire change service offered in GTA by Ark Services Group. Reach out to us expressing your interest and we will get back to you!

2. Appointment

Next step, a member from our team will reach out to you and set an appointment at a date of your convenience.

3. Service Day

The service date is here! Our Ark Tire Change team will arrive at your place and service your tires. We will perform pressure check and replace your tires. We are applying a proper lug-nut torque based on the model of your car.

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