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Driveway Sealing Markham
Driveway Sealing Richmond Hill

Looking to get a driveway sealing service in Richmond Hill? We are here to help! Being a North city, Richmond Hill driveways get mostly damaged during the winter. Our team of professionals will make your driveway look sharp, great and neat in no time ! Get your free driveway sealing estimate today!

Driveway Sealing Markham
A Trusted Contractor for Richmond Hill Homeowners

Most of our clients come from the family populated area of Richmond Hill. We strive for perfection at each step of our driveway sealing service.  Not only will you get that black, sharp and fresh look, but also your driveway will give richer appearance to your home! Get your driveway sealing quote today for free!

Our Driveway Sealing Process
1. Weed removal

We kick off the process with removing weeds from your driveway perimeter.

2. Debris Cleaning

We ensure that the tiny pores of your driveway are free of debris for better application of our sealer.

3. Taping Surrounding

If you have interlock or walkway, we will tape off the connection lines to keep the integrity of your property.

4. Crack Filling

If your driveway has major cracks on it, we will make sure to fill them out with our water and heat resistant crack fillers. 

5. Oil-based sealer application

Not only does our true-tone oil-based sealer brings vibrance to your asphalt, it also protects your driveway from rains, UV rays and from the salts in the winter. 

Driveway Sealing Richmond Hill Prices
Driveway Sealing Price in Richmond Hill

1 Car Driveway

Sealing Price for 2 car driveway

2 Car Driveway

Sealing Price for 4 car driveway in Richmond Hill

4 Car Driveway

Custom Sealing Price in Richmond Hill

Need Something Custom?

Client Success Story,
Richmond Hill

One of our clients in Richmond Hill really needed some serious maintenance work on their driveway. The owner previously sealed the driveway with water-based sealer, and over the years the sealer caused spider-cracks formation.

Our driveway sealing experts worked closely with the client to keep the driveway safe and shiny. As you can see from the images, we sealed the driveway and the end result is impressive. If you are located in Richmond Hill or in GTA give us a call to get your driveway sealed at a competitive rate.


Get your driveway protected

Only High Quality Sealer

3 Year Guarantee

Competitive Rates

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