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General Terms and Conditions for Driveway Care subscriptions

1: Subscription contract
The contract for Driveway Care (subscription contract) is executed when an order is placed by the subscriber
and confirmed by the Ark Services Group.

2: Term of the contract
The contract ends when the contract is cancelled by a subscriber, or by Ark Services Group. Minimum term
subscriptions continue as open-ended subscriptions when the minimum subscription period ends. The
minimum period for a subscription is equal to a full cycle, 12 months or 24 months, depending on the
subscription plan chosen.

3: Payment and taxes
Subscription payments are charged monthly via credit or debit card. Driveway Care subscription prices
include all applicable taxes.

4: Cancellation
The customer has the right to cancel this contract, for any reason, at anytime before annual sealcoating has
been applied during a current cycle. To cancel this contract you may notify us in writing by sending an email
to .
If you cancel your subscription before the annual sealcoating has been applied during a current cycle, Ark
Services Group will reimburse all payments received from your current subscription anniversary date. If you
cancel your subscription after the annual sealcoating has been applied during a current cycle, all payments
collected are not a subject to a refund, and payments through to your next anniversary date become due.

5: Late payment
Ark Service Group may suspend services in the event of late payment by the customer.

6: Date of service
Date of service will be arranged and communicated in advance by Ark Services Group. In case of unexpected
events on either side, parties will notify the other no later than 24 hours before the arranged date of

7: Price changes
Price changes or changes in the terms of service will be published in a prominent position on our website.

8: Limitation of Liability
The liability for services is restricted to willful intent and gross negligence only. All liability is limited to the
annual cost of a subscription.

9: Privacy
As a subscriber, you agree that your personal details will be electronically processed and stored for the sole
purpose of this contract. Your personal information will not be shared, sold or in any way disclosed to
anyone else.

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